The Unfappening

012 e1411448238530 560x230As men of the Internet, you may have heard about this recent incident where dozens of celebrity photos were hacked and then released onto the web. Those photos were nude, quite illegally obtained, but also amazing (we admit, we saw some). We didn’t post on the incident at the time, despite the fact that it generated millions of page-views for other sites, because it just didn’t fit what we do here. We’re not looking to profit on anything that makes us feel dirty, so we’ll leave that to the other supposedly reputable sites on the net that couldn’t update their sites fast enough to profit off the search traffic.

So that was a thing, and we were just going to let it pass without ever posting on it, until we discovered the UnFappening. It’s a website that asks artists to cover up the nude photos with their own original illustrations and then keeps a running collection.

“The fappening happened. We can’t change that. But we can cover it up. It’s the least we can do. Here we show the works of artists who did so.”

We suppose they have a noble purpose, although the concept is a bit flawed. The images though are mostly well done, and funny. We like funny, so we’re going to share some of our favorites below, and then move on from this chapter in Internet history.