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Wookies Are Just Like Us

Wookie Just Like Us 01 560x310Star Wars characters in various unexpected photographic settings isn’t a new concept, as we’ve seen it many times before with Storm Troopers and Darth Vader. However Wookies set in our real world is a bit unique, and this fabulous collection of photos by Mako Miyamoto caught our attention. Wookies are just so damn lovable, we’ve always wanted to know what their lives were like. We’ve selected 20 of our favorites to highlight in the gallery below, where Wookies are shown in every day situations, just like us. Some of his photographs are a bit more narrative, often with a series of images telling a story. You can see all of his amazing photos over at his website, Neon Werewolf.

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Wookie Just Like Us 11 150x150
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