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Woman on Motorized Scooter Challenges Escalator, Loses

Once you hear the facts, you won’t feel as bad laughing at this video. Or maybe you will, and I’ll be exposed as a dick.

In the video below, a woman at a Boston T station decided to drive her motorized scooter up an escalator. According to the ABC News article, “the MBTA said there was an elevator 50 feet away.”

So 50 feet would be too far to Rascal your way over there and continue your journey safely? Instead, you chose to challenge logic and physics. You can’t take one of those things up stairs, so why would you think it would be OK to use on what are essentially moving stairs? That’s like five times more difficult.

Maybe you wanted to be a pioneer, Motorized Scooter Lady. Instead, you provided a surveillance video which goes great with this song.

Oh yeah, another thing. At the end of the video, SHE WALKS AWAY. The escalator has healing powers, apparently.

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