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Weekly World News: Not So Fair and Balanced

header33In 2016 the United States will once again be electing a President, and sadly the speculation has already begun. There’s no need to keep up on all the issues and debates because the crack staff at the Weekly World News has the real scoop on who’s going to win the 2016 Presidential Election. They just ask the Alien. The bald being from beyond has successfully endorsed the winning candidate over the last thirty years. Fox News can’t boast a track record like that.

Although they’ve been snubbed for the Pulitizer ever since they began publishing in 1977, the staff at WWN were the journalistic geniuses who brought Bat Boy to light, and let us know Elvis was still alive. It’s still a little early for the Alien’s pick, but until then, you can stay informed by visiting the Weekly World News website. You can also reminisce some of the headlines from past issues in the gallery below.

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