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More Twisted Disney Princesses

Gunaxin was one of the first to bring you the Twisted Disney Princesses from artist Jeffrey Thomas back in March of 2009. Since then Jeffrey has been busy, creating several more Princesses to add to his collection. He obviously started with some of the biggest names, so this group lacks a bit of star power. However the impact of his art is still in full supply as I think you’ll agree. Check out the rest of his artwork at his Deviant Art profile and his personal blog.

twisted princess  esmeralda by jeftoon01 d3ev2nc 560x724

twisted princess  rapunzel by jeftoon01 d35mvla 560x724

Twisted Princess  Kida by jeftoon01 560x724

Twisted Princess  Megara by jeftoon01 560x724

Twisted Princess  Tiana by jeftoon01 560x724

Twisted Princess  Nala by jeftoon01 560x724

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