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The Playboy Mansion Is Everywhere!

playboy mansion e1281400055639 560x280

Yes, the place where all the Playboy Bunnies live has turned up in some of the weirdest, coolest and funniest places over the years.


Beverly Hills Cop 2

beverly hills cop ii

The House Bunny

house bunny1 560x448

Miss March

miss march2


Inside The Playboy Mansion

inside the play boy mansion

That’s right, it has its own coffee table book and if you thought that was way out there, check this out.


Playboy: The Mansion

playboy xbox


I’m gonna let these speak for themselves.


And we round it out with the idiot box putting in its two cents.

Sex And The City

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

YouTube has disabled the embedding but you can go here to see Carlton do The Bunny Hop…with real Bunnies!


Viva La Bam

And let’s not forget…

The Girls Next Door

Looking for more Playboy Mansion goodness? Now you can take a virtual tour of Hef’s legendary pleasure palace and see a side of the Mansion that only insiders know.

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