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The Fast Food Mafia

We’re suckers for art depicting elements of pop-culture in unexpected ways, like the Pop-Culture Last Suppers, or our recent collection of Sexy Fairy Tales. Today we bring you a small collection of images depicting the Fast Food Mafia. Each is a different artists take on the same concept, What if symbols of Fast Food Chains were really Mobsters?

Fast Food Mafia  final by silentsketcher 560x865Fast Food Mafia, final by ~silentsketcher (full description at this link)

The Fast Food Mafia by James The Nose 560x560The Fast Food Mafia by ~James-The-Nose

The Fast Food Mafia 2 by James The Nose 560x582The Fast Food Mafia 2 by ~James-The-Nose

Be afraid  very afraid  by CyanSoujiro 560x584Be afraid, very afraid. by ~CyanSoujiro

…and this last one is a slightly different concept. This is a video game, with characters from Fast Food:

Extra Value Combo Alpha by Lysol Jones 560x388Extra Value Combo Alpha by ~Lysol-Jones

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