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The Comedy Movie Poster Trivia Quiz


A few weeks ago we here at Gunaxin posted a very cool quiz that got quite a few folk’s attention: The Horror Movie Poster Trivia Quiz. As you can see if you just hit the link, it features little bits of movie posters and a quartet of possible answers. It was fun for the whole family! Well, now it’s time for the follow-up! Comedies! HA! But, before I continue and as promised from the previous post, here are the correct answers:

1- A Nightmare on Elm Street
2- Evil Dead 2
3- The Exorcist
4- Halloween II
5- Alien
6- Candyman
7- Dawn of the Dead
8- Halloween
9- Night of the Living Dead
10- Phantasm

And there ya go. Fear not, fellow fear followers, there will be a direct sequel to that particular list coming for Halloween and it promises to be even tougher. Anyway, the rules remain exactly the same with this one: Four possibilities, one correct guess, the levels of humor skyrocket. Enjoy!

Question 1 – Name That Comedy!

Quiz 1

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Question 2 – Guess That Funny Movie!

Quiz 2

[poll id=”109″]

Question 3 – Choose That Hilarious Film!

Quiz 3

[poll id=”110″]

Question 4 – Pick That Silly Flick!

Quiz 4

[poll id=”111″]

Question 5 – Determine That Gut Buster!

Quiz 5

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Question 6 – Name That Comedy!

Quiz 6

[poll id=”113″]

Question 7 – Guess That Funny Film!

Quiz 7

[poll id=”114″]

Question 8 – Choose That Hilarious Movie!

Quiz 8

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Question 9 – Pick The Gut Buster!

Quiz 9

[poll id=”116″]

Question 10 – Determine Which Silly Flick!

Quiz 10

[poll id=”117″]

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