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Stand By For Pie


Let’s say for instance you really need to know the exact percentage of what Rick Astley is ‘Never Gonna Do’ in his song. Is there a simple and fun way to find out? Absolutely. What about the precise amount of ‘Black’ AC/DC is ‘Back’ in? No problem. It seems one of the funniest mediums to measure the inane hilarity of every day occurrences is the Chart, be it Pie or otherwise. So, for a little humor on a Monday, sit back and laugh at some great charts, most of which are brought to you by the funny folks at Graphjam.com.

funny graphs adventures stealers wheel

funny graphs back in black pie chart

funny graphs billy idol wil

funny graphs break me off a

funny graphs cure schedule

funny graphs on fire


rick pie

funny graphs ownership of base



funny graphs spanish inquis

funny graphs stop


funny graphs violent femmes prescription

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pie chart 150x150
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