Springfield Punx: Everything Simpsonized

spjumblewallpaper 560x389Springfield Punx is the brainchild of artist Dean Fraser. Essentially he Simpsonizes characters from comics, television, movies, and video games. On his site he writes:

Springfield Punx is a little pet project of mine. The idea of doing fan art parodying some of my favorite characters and stars in such a fun and simple style got me hooked immediately. Some of these guys and gals have appeared on the Simpsons and I could just work from that, but most I had to do from scratch.

We’ve created a gallery with some of our favorites, but there are dozens more on the site. Add it to your bookmarks or RSS reader to keep up to date with his latest, as I am sure he will continue to create some wonderful images. See if you can name all of these characters.

We recently interviewed Dean on our latest episode of the Gunaxin Show, which you can listen to below.

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