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A Reason to Avoid Nude Beaches

A friend and I recently engaged in an intellectual debate over the advantages and disadvantages of large breasts (DD or larger) versus small breasts (A or small B). In between sips of Cognac and bites of Bitto cheese, I lobbied for those ladies blessed with limited chest acreage, while my pal staunchly defended women with large land masses in their upper hemisphere.

My argument was simple: if I ever marry a chick, I’m in it for the long haul, meaning the hand-in-hand trek into old age. Sorry, but the prospect of having to stare at saggy, deflated balloons before I take the long sleep is not appetizing. Besides, that what young nursing home nurses are for.

For visual evidence of what I’m referring to, there’s this.

nude beach

See where I’m coming from?

[Via Reddit]

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