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Pop Culture Paper Dolls

Ron Swanson Paper Doll 560x448

Ron Swanson Paper Doll from Parks and Recreation

We have a fond appreciation for fabulous fan art here at Gunaxin. So we were delighted when we recently discovered this collection of Paper Doll art from Kyle Hilton. Not delighted enough to actually print these out and act out our own scenes, but still fairly happy. Kyle has been working on the pieces for a few months now, highlighting some of his favorite characters from television and film in paper doll form :

New dolls are posted every Wednesday at 1pm/12c and are free for your printing and cutting enjoyment.

Below we’ve selected a couple of our favorites, but be sure to check out his tumblr site (weekly) for all of his creations.

Walter White Paper Doll 560x428

Walter White Paper Doll from Breaking Bad

Tobias Funke Paper Doll 560x432

Tobias Funke Paper Doll from Arrested Development

Michael Bluth Paper Doll 560x432

Michael Bluth Paper Doll from Arrested Development

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