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Photoshop Fun With Osama Bin Laden

bin laden header

If we’re to believe the above photo, it appears the world’s most notorious terrorist lived like a college freshman during his final months and days. Budget furniture, crappy television and ugly walls. The only thing missing was a case of Natural Lite and a couple packets of Ramen noodles. Well, we here at Gunaxin couldn’t resist jumping on the Bin Laden bandwagon by giving him and his shitty dorm room a haphazard Photoshop treatment. Enjoy.

Old School Bin Laden

binladen 4lifeB

Pug Lover

binladen pugs

General in the Oprah Army

binladen oprahB

Pothead Bin Laden

binladen weed

President, David Beckham Fan Club

binladen becks


binladen twilight

Skateboard Enthusiast

binladen skate

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