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Mining for Gold in YouTube Comments

YouTube is like flypaper for morons — a place where spelling, grammar and common sense go to die a cold, lonely death. However, lost in the waves upon waves of “Lol gay fart nuggets!” are some genuine diamonds. Diamonds covered in shit, but diamonds nonetheless. We decided to go out and find some so you don’t have to. Because we like you. But not in that way.

On a Dora the Explorer video

 Phil Collins – In the Air tonight

Obama singing “Can’t Touch This”

A video of a snake biting Bear Grylls

Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris

On Adele’s Skyfall song

Wow! We don’t think we can top that last one, because it’s the only time James Bond has spoken to a woman who didn’t suddenly get pregnant. Kudos, James, kudos.

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