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Jimmy Fallon is Killing It

SesameStreetJF 560x315Jimmy Fallon has absolutely been killing it on late-night recently, as videos of his segments are constantly going viral across the Internet. Who knows when Jay Leno will finally go away, but our guess is that Fallon’s show will likely be ruined by an earlier time slot. In the mean time though, we can continue to enjoy brilliance like the four videos below :

First up is the Lip Sync Battle he had with Stephen Merchant and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It’s a fairly long video, but worth every second of your time :

Second in this collection is the amazing piece with Justin Timberlake poking fun of how people overuse hashtags :

Last week he took on Kate Upton in a battle of Flip Cup, and got demolished by her skill and sexy red dress :

…and we close out this collection of awesome videos with Jimmy, the Roots & the cast of Sesame Street play the “Sesame Street” theme on classroom instruments in the Late Night Music Room. There is so much win here :

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