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Happy World Laboratory Animal Day

ku xlarge 560x315Wow! Get out your penny whistles and pop caps, it’s April 24th and World Laboratory Animal Day! Oh boy, let’s celebrate! Today’s the day the Chimpanzee covered in human lipstick and hairspray saunters up to your doorstep and offers a year’s supply of cheap Mary Kay cosmetics! I can’t wait!


This is a day? It is. And it’s now. Yippee. Enjoy some films.

TV Funhouse: Chinese New Years Day

Yep. It’s about animal testing.

Pinky and the Brain: Opening

The show’s entire premise is about two lab mice seeking world domination.

The Secret of NIMH

In the film (as in the book), Mrs. Frisby, a mouse preparing to move her family from a dangerous piece of farm land, learns from the rats of NIMH that her husband was responsible for helping many of them escape a testing facility where they were given human-like intelligence.


What have we learned, class? Quit trying to play God. Or at the very least, stop fucking with DNA. For real.

The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Monkeys hate the HELL out of us.

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