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GEICO Caveman Commercials

I’m not fortunate enough to own a TiVO so I can fast forward past the commercials. Needless to say, I’m forced to watch a lot of crap. Hopefully my days of watching commercials will soon come to an end because I’ve been enlightened by Fred’s MythTV article.

Back to the topic- a lot of commercials suck and they suck badly. However, the one set of commercials I can’t seem to get enough of are the GEICO caveman commercials. You know, the commercials where GEICO ends the tv spot with their slogan, “It’s so easy, a caveman could do it.” The premise of the commercial is that getting a quote from is so easy that even a caveman can do it and all the while insulting several cavemen who not only still exist in modern society, but also live as intelligent beings.

Here’s a look at some of the funnier GEICO commercials I’ve seen.

Geico Commercial #1 & #2

The first in the caveman commercial series is this one where a commercial is being filmed and as the slogan is introduced, the boom operator turns out to be a caveman who stops the filming and yells “not cool!”

Two cavemen watch the same ad from their apartment and take offense to the commercial.

Geico Commercial #3

A GEICO spokesman meets with two cavemen at a restaurant to apologize for the promotion, explaining that he had no idea “you guys were still around” to be met with the response, “yeah, next time, maybe do a little more research.”

Geico Commercial #4

A caveman on a moving sidewalk at an airport sees a GEICO billboard featuring a caveman in all its stereotypical glory. The song featured in the commercial is Remind Meby Royksopp from the album, Melody A.M.

Geico Commercial #5

A caveman is having a session with a therapist.

Geico Commercial #6

A caveman debates a talk-show host about the offensiveness of the GEICO commercials.

Geico Commercial #7

The cavemen watch a tv ad of the Caveman (TV Series).

Geico Commercial #8

A caveman is dancing and says, “GEICO probably thinks this is easy, too!”

Geico Commercial #9

A caveman is playing a tennis match against Billie Jean King.

Geico Commercial #10

A caveman and his girlfriend head to the beach to relax- only to be disturbed by a GEICO banner.

Geico Commercial #11

Two cavemen ride up to an outdoor bar on their motorcycles but see a GEICO billboard with a caveman on a motorcycle advertising GEICO’s motorcycle insurance. The song in the background is Hurt Youby The Sounds: Dying to Say This to You

Geico Commercial #12

A caveman is at a basketball game where he is shown as the Ultimate Fan on a GEICO jumbotron.

Geico Commercial #13

Lastly, a caveman and his girlfriend are at the beach and using a metal detector to look for some left-behind goodies. Guess what they find?

If you think I left any good commercials out, let me know!

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