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Is Stubble Killing the Kiss?

600 560x299There is no doubt that facial hair (on men only, please) is the trend over recent years. Lazy guys every where embrace that trend, as we don’t have to bother grooming our faces every day, and we’re somewhat stylish for it. As you could imagine, not everyone is on-board with that trend. Two such groups recently joined forces to produce a documentary. Purveyor of shaving products, Gillette, and a girl who laments the lack of kissing in society combined in this video to explore the question, “Are we killing the kiss?’

Somehow I doubt many women would have a problem kissing George Clooney or Ben Affleck in their bearded form, but still, there might be something to this for the rest of us. Do women hate kissing our hairy faces, and should we care?

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