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Creepy, Spooky, Scary Halloween Tattoos

Michael Myers Halloween Tattoo 560x348

Vampires and Skeletons and Bloody Zombies. Oh my. Halloween is the best, and it gets better with age.

Trickin’ and Treatin’? Yeah that’s nice. Carvin’ a pumpkin? Oh that’s sweet. You tought you taw a black puddy-tat? Awwww. That’s all fine and dandy for the kids, but for us, well, we like a good party, some sexy costumes and maybe even scaring someone shitless.

As for the latter, these folks take it to a new level. They have the creepiest, spookiest and scariest Halloween tattoos we could find. But be warned before you take a look: make sure the doors are locked, your cell phone’s charged, no one’s in the house and you’ve got a change of underwear.


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