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Classic Paintings Recreated with Pop Culture Characters

deathbed of a toypenitent by wytrab8 d5lavh8 560x424Lately some amazing images by an artist known as WHiTe RaBbiT began circulating the internet. They feature classic paintings wondrously recreated with characters from pop culture. With a bit of digging we were able to find the source of these images, Hillary White’s “Pop Reinterpretation” collection over at Deviant Art. It was only then that we discovered just how far the rabbit hole went. The collection currently stands at 82 amazing paintings featuring many of your favorite characters in classic paintings you probably only know about if you have studied art history.

the pizza eaters by wytrab8 d481nwj 560x435The example above is entitled “The Pizza Eaters” and is based on Vincent van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters. For the uncultured among us to reference, the van Gogh version is pictured below.

The potato eaters 560x349While Hillary White’s painting skill could honestly use more practice, her creativity and dedication is beyond reproach. You can read more about the artist in a Huffington Post interview, which features some of her work alongside the originals. You can see the full collection with comments and even purchase the artwork at her Deviant Art profile. For a fun art history test, see how many of these classics YOU can identify :

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