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Christmas Fails Extravaganza!

Christmas Fail 560x218Tis the season… the season for hyperactive children, fake elves and rabid reindeer to take to the streets in deranged merriment. Tis the season for dads to dress up like Santas and fall drunkenly through roofs. Tis the season for kids to tear open gifts with the kinds of crazed looks in their eyes that one might find in a caged raccoon.

Alas, so much going on throughout this time of year always carries the potential for so much to go wrong and so much, in fact, does go wrong that articles just like this one become a possibility. After all, people make mistakes and it would appear as though all of them are made at Christmas time. Plus now, thanks to the Internet, all of our collective yuletide failures can be viewed by anyone with the time to seek them out.

Thus, let us gather ‘round the proverbial fire that is Gunaxin and crack open the proverbial chestnuts that are the following Christmas fails from around the web:

Christmas Tree Fails


“Alright Timmy, go stand by the Christmas tree monster”


Christmas trees, seven eleven style.


Clearly they’ll have no trouble putting the star up this year…


One man’s Christmas fail is clearly another (alcoholic) man’s Christmas win.


Here’s what happens when you order your trees from Honolulu…

Santa Claus Fails


This picture would make more sense if Santa had just ordered his elves to murder this kid’s parents.


Looks like somebody slipped Mall Santa some Ambien.


Perhaps Santa’s clown-like lunatic makeup is upsetting the baby.


Aside from man-panties and a saxophone, all Jimmy wanted for Christmas was (not surprisingly) to sit in Santa’s lap.


“Santa and Rudolph had a bit of a ‘misunderstanding’ earlier, kids.”

Christmas Lights and Decorations Fails


Revenge for running over Grandma


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a visit from the Christmas Phallus!


This is precisely why you shouldn’t let rapists/pedophiles create Christmas candies…


Obviously, those are on sale.


The owners of this house have been trapped in there for 6 years.

Christmas Spirit Fails


Time to send Santa back to rehab…


Must be cold in there… How ‘bout eggnog round 32?


Even Juanito’s getting in on the giving this season!


She dipped her head in CHRISTMAS SPIRIT this year!


Behold; the most awesome and horrifying Christmas creation of all time; the “RIVET” (Reindeer Impaling Vehicle with Epic Traction)!

Sleigh and Deer Fails


‘Tis the season… to keep these ravenous MONSTERS far, far away!


This is what riding on a one-horse sleigh REALLY looks like!


72 sugar plums and a bucket of eggnog would make you look like this too…


“You know, I think I’ll just call a cab…”


“Let’s just leave Rudolph alone this year, ok?”

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