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Anagrammed Musicians


First off, let’s make sure everyone here understands what an anagram is. Basically, it’s a word or words made from the existing letters of another word. For example, you can rearrange the letters in my name, Stew Miller, to make the common phrase, ‘Well Met, Sir’. Pretty cool, right? Well sometimes you get words that are either downright hilarious or else almost eerily perfect for the subject at hand. For instance,  for George Bush you get ‘He Bugs Gore’. Weird. Anyway, I have compiled ten musicians (bands and solo artists) and anagrammed their names. Why? Cuz it’s fun!


Jelly Boil
Billy Joel

Jelly Boil


Offal Suck Logs
A Flock of Seagulls

offal suckle logs


Lilac Team

Lilac Team


Maple Jar
Pearl Jam

Maple Jar


A Perky Try
Katy Perry

A Perky Try


Bob’s Crying
Bing Crosby

Bobs crying


A Glad Gay
Lady GaGa

a glad gay


Evil Lye Press
Elvis Presley

evil lye press


Rancid Meat Brim
Martina McBride

rancid meat brim


Lee Bets Hat
The Beatles

lee bets brim

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